Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Caden-ism!

So I know I need to start a notebook to write in all of the cute things that the boys do and say. Well I havent gotten one yet, so I thought I would write it in here!

So Caden LOVES to eat chalk (and candles, and crayons, and anything wax, and rocks, and dirt, etc)- but he knows that when I catch him with it in his mouth it goes bye-bye. I'm hoping that it will work!

So yesterday, I am lounging in my bathing suit in the sun, Ethan's in his jumper, and Caden and Rylan are coloring with chalk on the patio. Two minutes later, I open my eyes, and Caden is over in the side yard, playing with the wheels on the trash cans (of course), with the bright orange chalk in his mouth.

I call his name out... he looks at me, IMMEDIATELY takes the chalk out of his mouth, bends over, and starts randomly coloring as fast as he can!!! And then stands back up and looks at me...

As if to say,

ITS OK, MOM!!! Im coloring, coloring, coloring, can you see?... DONT TAKE IT AWAY!"

That little stinker! Anyways, it was cute, so I thought I'd put it up!


  1. Adelyn would have taken the chalk out of her mouth, smiled a devilish smile, and put it right back in. Then she would probably run away squeeling in delight. She is a naughty one.

  2. Thanks for posting that - it made me laugh like crazy! just what I needed today! :) Your boys make me smile!