Monday, June 22, 2009

And the circle of Karma continues...

Sorry I havent been on here in a while- Things have been even crazier (Hey, I dont call it The Zeltner Zoo for no reason!!!)

So my random thought of the day- there really is such a thing as karma!!! :)

So yesterday, my grandma's dumb dog peed all over the carpet. And its not like its the first time either! She just forgets to take her out, and I (of course) have to do all the clean up. That dog is like her child to her- which is no big surprise, considering. And most of the time, I dont mind the dog. Well, anyways, so the dog pees on the carpet in the family room. Im ticked off, and grandma will not accept blame for anything!

First, the dog didnt do it. She would never do such a thing!!! Then, She has NEVER done anything like that before!! (yeah, right). Then, because I put the dog outside and made her stay there (for like a half an hour), my grandma plays the martyr... "So do you want me and misty to stay outside ALL DAY????". ;) Lets just say I was not at my most patient that day.

So today! Im changing the boys out of their jammies. The doorbell rings, and its one of my photography clients, here to pick up the CD of her sons photoshoot. Caden is running around in a very full and wet diaper! I get to chatting and voila! Caden is now running around completely naked!

A couple of minutes later, Im in the backyard (Caden is now dressed), and grandma comes out- carrying the cushion to her old, disgusting, smelly blue chair.

"Look at this!", she said, "those boys just came into my room and got my chair all wet!" She was totally ticked! I dont think she understood exactly why it was wet... but boy she was mad about it!

All I have to say is this.... THANK YOU KARMA!!!


hahaha... and the circle of karma continues! I seriously laughed about it for like an hour!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


So Im not the first, and certainly not the last, to begin a photography business. These days, I swear there are million of us so-called photographers, so at least I can laugh about it! But hey- If I can make a little extra money on the side- why the heck not, right?

And honestly, I really LOVE taking pictures. Kids, babies, families, they all just melt my heart. AND (not to toot my own horn or anything), but i am pretty dang good on photoshop- if I do say so myself!

So here it is- joie de vivre photography! Ive done 4 shoots so far this last week, and have five more coming up this week. Its pretty awesome. So check out my website if you want- let me know if Im crazy! !