Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today's Rylan-ism

So, I truly believe that Rylan is the sweetest child I have ever seen. He will share ANY toy, ANY drink, ANY food that Caden wants him to.

For instance- today, Rylan had been out with my mom to run some errands. They stopped at McDonalds for lunch. He brought home some left-over chicken nuggets and fries. We put him into his chair, next to where Caden had been eating (or shall I say, NOT eating) his lunch, carrots and sandwiches. Rylan looks at Cadens tray, and GIVES him a nugget and some fries! HOW CUTE IS THAT!

HOWEVER... Rylan can also be a vicious little thing... most of the time when caden steals toys, or whatever, rylan just sits and takes it... but other times, he turns into Mr Hyde and BAM! Takes a chunk out of Cadens leg, arm, neck, whatever is closest and just clams down with his piranha like teeth!

Bottom line is this- Rylan is 90% the sweetest thing you ever saw, and 10% Get Those Teeth Away From Me!!!!

But I love him just the same!

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