Friday, April 17, 2009


I have so many new posts to write, so I better get at least one done today! (and nap time is almost over already- dang!)

Easter was so much fun this year! The twins (I have to start referring to them as 'the twins' even though I hate it- but I cant say ' the boys' anymore, because I now have three of them!) were old enough to realize that eggs had yummy things in them and would hunt for them! They had 3 baskets each, and 2 different Easter egg hunts, one at the Gma and Papa Zeltner's house in the morning, and one at Grammy and Gpa Craigs house. By the end of the day, they were professional egg hunters!

Cadens strategy was to shove as many eggs as he could into his basket, not trying to open any of them, while Rylan had to open each egg as he went along, checking out the goodies inside!
We had to slow Caden down so we could give Rylan more time!

Ethan just sat and watched, hopefully knowing that his brothers would have to share in their treasure!

It is so fun to watch and see how different these three little boys are in temperament, personality and growth!


  1. So cute! What beautiful boys! It is so fun to watch them grow and discover. Holidays get a new meaning when experiencing them with your own children.

  2. That's so funny, two very different but smart strategies! I think I'd want to be like Caden but probably wouldn't have the self-control and would end up with Rylan. They looked adorable!!!!!

  3. My boys were funny about egg hunting when they were that age- totally different strategies. One was "wait and see if any eggs happen to cross your path and jump in the basket," the other was, "scramble like a maniac to get as many eggs as you can legitimately, then steal eggs from other unsuspecting hunters." ;0)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I've done digital before, but for the most part, my pages are paper- the old fashioned way. :) I love your header- you're a very talented digi scrapper. I'm impressed!

  4. that is soo cute :D Ernest was silly, he started out like Caden (collecting them fast) then switched to Rylan's way 1/2 through our Easter egg activity :)