Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Wild Animal Park

We have been planning to go to the wild animal park for weeks now. Then came the rain, then the wind, then flu season... but we finally made it there last weekend. Armed with food, snacks, juice galore, emergency back-up snacks (fruit gummies) and emergency-emergency- cant-get-the-kid-to-stop-crying-snacks (cookies and brownies) We finally made it there!

We went with Chris's parents and sisters (good thing- we needed the help!). Between 6 adults, we figured we could handle the three babies... that was, until we lost caden! He absolutely insisted on walking BY HIMSELF!

He did great at that, the only problem was, we all just assumed that somebody else had him! he was only lost for about 45 seconds, but i about had a heart attack during those 45 seconds! He had gone up the next set of stairs and was wandering down the swiss family robinson walkways. Needless to say, he was holding somebodys hand AT ALL TIMES after that!

The boys had a great time in the petting zoo, until a dumb deer knocked rylan over trying to get more food from him... he didnt really like that much. The liked the bird show, Rylan laughed a lot. Caden was motivated to stay because of the chips I fed him!

They also loved the tram ride thingy (journey acrosss africa)- not so much because of the animals (they were kind of far away to see), but because they were in a 'car' with no carseat! They were fairly obedient when it came time to take pictures, although most of the time they were dying to explore and didnt stay in one place very long, so i got a lot of pictures of the back of their heads!! Overall, they were incredibly well behaved, for not getting a nap, and we stayed until after 3!And ethan, of course, was my sweetest angel! He really is the best, happiest baby! We now have season passes to the WAP and the zoo, so if anybody wants to go- let me know!

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  1. HAHA, back up goodies are a must! They look so darling with the animals but I think cop Chris needs to teach Rylan how to knock the dumb animal back-poor kid! When we come Caden and Merik should be kept apart-they sound alot alike and thats just flat dangerous!!