Friday, March 27, 2009

a day in the life of a toddler...

So, here it is, a good day in the life of a zeltner toddler.

Chris had the day off, so that always means a happier mommy and more trips out! They woke up to a new toy outside in the backyard (a pop up train thingy- $8 off craiglist!)

So after that, we took the boys to the mance buchanon park in oceanside. We have never been there before, and they have the BEST play equipment!

Caden refused to get out of the swing, Rylan was obsessed with that little elephant rocker thingy, and if youre wondering, Ethan was not so happy when i took that bag of strawberries away!

After that, we took an hour nap (not long enough for mommies standards!) and went to visit grammy and grandpas house! We went swimming in their hot tub, ate pizza for dinner, and grammy gave the boys lots of ice cream for dessert! (unfortunately, i dont have any pictures of that part- my camera was temporarily lost- under uncle ben's butt on the sofa!:)

must be a hard life to be a toddler huh? and tomorrow... we go to the wild animal park!

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  1. Yeah life is soooo hard! I feel so bad for them! Great parents, nice house, fun toys. Sad! Although they have to sit in poop until you change them! love you