Monday, March 9, 2009


I dont know if it is because my boys are preemies, or if their immune systems are lame, but i swear- every 2 months they get sick!!! and with three boys, when one gets it- they all get it.

Caden got it first, coughing like crazy... three days later, ethan got it, and added the runny nose. three days after that, rylan got it, and he got it worst of all! fever, sore throat (he refuses to eat), cough, and more snot than you can possibly imagine!

It wouldnt be so bad... if there were three of me! they all want to be held and cuddled, dont want to eat (which is no good for rylan considering he still barely weighs 20 pounds- although he has probably lost some by now), and they dont take very good naps! And being a mom who schedules like crazy- when my routine is screwed up- my life is screwed up! poor chris- he had to leave for a new shift yesterday (new training officer in a new area), and leave a crying wife and two screaming children (luckily my ethan was being a sweetheart at that moment and was playing in his exersaucer).

I know, one of these days i will yearn for the time when i had three children under 18 months- but that day is certainly not today!

WHEW! now i feel better, and can go back to my normal cheerful self! ....

Wait... theres a baby crying... OFF I GO!


  1. I can totally sympathize...when I worked for the family with twins and the younger brother (all boys, same as you but just not as close together) they were ALWAYS sick. The twins were preemies too. One of them would get sick, then all of them, then I would get sick. Then I would stay sick so long it would get the kids sick again! I had bronchitis twice and pneumonia once during the time I worked for them. The worst was when they were throwing up. We'd end up hanging out in the bathroom because I couldn't keep up with all the puke! Plus you have to feel bad for them on top of everything else! They used to say "I'm sorry Jenny" when they threw up on the couch! So sad!! I hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  2. Stef, you are wonder woman!!! And you definitely deserve a few breakdowns every now and then (I know that if I were in your shoes I would probably have a major meltdown every day!) So sorry to hear that the boys are sick - that's no fun even with ONE baby! And don't worry about Rylan's weight...he's about 18 months now, right? Sounds like he's following the Rylee growth pattern - she was barely 20 pounds at 18 months, too. Speaking of which, I was thinking about you today and realizing that the twins are getting to be nursery age! YAY! That will make your life so much easier! (Or at least your Sunday life...)
    Hang in there, and if you ever get a spare second and need to vent, feel free to call me!
    Love ya!

  3. Aww Stef! I am so sorry. It's got to be so rough having them that close together anyway, but when they are all sick, I agree, you need 3 of you. Hang in there, it will hopefully all be over soon...this time around!

  4. I so know where you are coming from!! This winter has been the worst....and like you said when one gets it they all get it and then MOM gets it! I pray that your cute little men get feeling better soon! :)