Wednesday, August 19, 2009



So- it has been on my to do list for a very long time now- so here I am. and considering that this is also my journal (of sorts)- I really need to play catch-up! Here is a short synopsis of what has been going on with the Zeltner Zoo as of late!

Chris finally finished with phase training- and arent we glad that it's over! So much stress, and serious pressure for Chris. There was someone watching him at all times, writing down the littlest things that he did wrong. I mean, it is practically in the handbook that FTO's are NOT allowed to tell their trainees that they did something good.

Chris got assigned a permanent station- San Diego South East- which is pretty much as FAR as you can possibly get from Oceanside. Big surprise- NOT! He really likes his squad, and likes even more to be all on his own. It's still a little wierd to imagine him all by himself, like a grown up cop! :) I'ts even funnier to imagine him in the uniform- because he can't drive to or from work in his uniform, I really never see him in it. Once when he first got it, and once at graduation!

Caden and Rylan just had their second birthday- which was so surreal! We had a little party with all the family and a few friends. They got some new cars and motorcycles from mommy and daddy, as well as a new POTTY! (we'll hopefully be starting that up soon- oh joy!). Grammy and Grandpa Craig got them an awesome rocking horse on springs, and they love it! Grandma and Papa Zeltner got them individual trips to Chuck-E-Cheese's, complete with rides, pizza and more! (Rylan just went last night and had a blast!), as well as an IOU for an electric/gas kid quad as soon as they are big enough! (It's what Chris wanted to get them- but i kept telling him they were too small!)

My not-so-little Ethan is turning one in a few short weeks! I cant believe that he's so big already! His first word was uh-oh (after the fashion of his older brothers!), and shortly thereafter, 'ball!'. He tries so hard to keep up with his brothers, its really rather adorable! Sad though, when he works so hard to get to wherever they are, and they just see him and move on to somewhere else! He is my little fireball- and quite the funny man!

Things have been even busier for me (I didnt realize that could be possible!). My photography side business is really starting to kick in- and im scheduling anywhere between 5-10 shoots a week. Its been a great opporunity to make some extra money (Chris had to take a huge paycut because of the city budget crisis), so its an amazing blessing! We would really be in trouble without it, so I started it in just the nick of time! I love going out and doing photoshoots- its a real creative outlet for me, as well as a nice break from adventures in baby-hood back home! The boys love spending extra time with daddy. (I only schedule shoots when Chris is off work and home).

So when im not chasing kids around the house, attempting to clean, forcing grandma to eat, or working with the kids on their speech and infant education, im sitting in front of my computer screen, trying to edit a picture or two before the next cry tears me away from my seat!

All in all- everything is pretty great. We are so lucky to have all that we have, the boys are growing and healthy, and momma and daddy are happy!

Ill post pics of the birthday parties soon (ethan will have his very first one soon!)

And- our very first family picture where we are ALL smiling! woo hoo!!