Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas morning

Christmas morning 2008 was so much fun! Last year, the boys were really too small to do anything but take pictures, so I was really looking forward to watching the boys open presents, play with their new toys and have a grand old time!

Caden and Rylan are just reaching the stages where they get bored REALLY FAST! They constantly need new things to do, to explore and to learn, which is really fun, but so exausting! We had gotten them some games, cars (their new obession) and little tricycles! Best of all, they got a little tikes castle with a mini rock wall and a slide... it was their FAVORITE!

I couldnt have asked for a better christmas morning- they tore up paper (which they are normally NOT allowed to do), jumped on boxes, rocked on their new bikes, and learned how to go down the slide all by themselves!

Little Ethan had a good day too! He sucked on a candy cane, rocked on his new panda bear rocker, and got a new jungle mobile (for the crib he will soon be moving into!)

Not that I didnt receive anything great, but I could have not gotten a single present all day, and still have been overjoyed this last christmas morning!

Hope you all had as great of a day as I did!


  1. Kids make the holidays that much better! Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. I can't believe how big your boys are already! They are adorable.

    Diane Bricco